Colicchio Shills For Coke


I love both Diet Coke and Tom Colicchio, but I’m not sure how to feel about last night’s Diet Coke commercial with Colicchio that played during the Oscars. It probably wasn’t aided by being associated with, in my mind, the scary musical numbers and shots of Zac Efron that last night’s ceremony featured.

While Tom looks good and does a good enough acting job in the commercial challenge, something about the commercial looks a bit cheap, and the other actors in it perform oddly.

Some are proposing that Colicchio’s eye roll at the overly complicated, heavily wired food shown in the spot is actually a dig at Grant Achatz and Alinea. Oh heavens, that would be nasty after Achatz appeared on Top Chef this season.

What worries me for Tommy boy is how the spot feels like all those cheesy American Express commercials with various leader-in-their-profession providing some sort of banal, vaguely philosophical voiceover. Wonder where our Diet Coke QuickFire challenge is.

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