Mickey Mantle’s Touching “F*** Yogi” Ball Is Auctioned


This video of Joaquin Phoenix getting booed for not signing autographs may explain why he was so crazed and morose on the Letterman show. Phoenix should learn that it helps to cultivate a favorable impression with fans; then you can do whatever you want. For example, Mickey Mantle always found time for his followers, especially if they were buying the drinks, so now that’s it’s revealed that The Mick signed a baseball “Fuck Yogi,” everyone just thinks it’s funny instead of a terrible shame requiring another horrific, healing performance by Roy Clark. CNBC’s Darren Rovell found the item at the Grey Flannel auction website, which averred the signature authentic and currently has the priceat $2,750. Well worth it, we say, as a keepsake for one’s children. Photo via Grey Flannel.


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