Monday’s Headlines: Murdoch Too In Love With Newspapers


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Your Monday New York headlines…

Struggling Times says Wall Street Journal and NY Post are dragging down News Corp because of Rupe’s stubbornness. Also, Journal management now thoroughly Murdochian: “Memos are for wimps.

Sharpton, meanwhile, wants Rupe to pay for Post chimp cartoon: wants feds to yank Murdoch’s license allowing him to own multiple TV stations and newspapers in the same city.

Slumming with Kate and Sean: Complete list of last night’s Oscar winners.

LI cop killed by drunk driver who had another DWI less than two months ago.

BMW driver loses control, slams into Queens clubgoers who are saved serious injury because they fall in construction hole.

City giving up on Wall Street resurgence, wants to encourage small start-ups instead.

City’s financial time bomb: fire, police retirees under fifty years old.

Flushing Hospital nurse gets $15 million in sex-harassment case.

The Accidental Governor admits he’s bungled things, but says he’ll run in 2010. Others not so sure.

Krugman: Bank nationalization as American as apple pie.

Catholics: NY’s retiring archbishop to be replaced by Milwaukee archbishop with no local ties.

Illegally partitioned apartments — like the ones that caused two firefighter deaths — are common in poor parts of the city.

Dems Nadler and Maloney ask Obama to fill empty Ground Zero health overseer role.

“It’s a sad case”: 45-year-old Bronx grandmother held in death of her 4-year-old grandson.

SEC official who missed Madoff ponzi scheme asked: Were you also asleep for Lehman problems?

Philly dailies file for bankruptcy.

New players no immediate help: Knicks lose in Toronto, 111-100.

Honoring old players also no help: Rangers lose at home to Toronto, 3-2.

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