Good Things: Canned Fish, Beet Kimchi


Two snacks that I have eaten lately and loved:

This is wild-caught, Portuguese mackerel (skinless, boneless) packed in a zesty Portuguese piri-piri sauce. When you lift up the fillets, you see a couple of red chiles floating in there, as well as carrot, cucumber and clove. This is for fishy fish lovers, but it’s not overwhelmingly funky by any means–the fish tastes clean and pleasantly oily and a little spicy. Go here to see a list of places to buy Cole’s (a sustainably fished seafood company) in New York City.

Second, I’d just like to call everyone’s attention to the awesome kimchi lady at the Union Square Greenmarket, and her invention (as far as I know) of beet kimchi. Basically, it’s raw sliced beets in the same ultra-garlicky chile/fish sauce used to cure Napa cabbage for kimchi. The beets get the tiniest bit tender while curing in the brew. I regret that I don’t know the kimchi lady’s name, but she’s at the market every Monday with containers of homemade kimchi and other pickled veggies.


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