Liz Smith Leaves the Post


It’s not something we look for, but something we always expected to be there, and soon it will be gone. Liz Smith’s column is leaving the New York Post, her only and probably last local newspaper outlet, and with it goes an old-fashioned kind of gossip journalism, less rude, less crude, and more obviously distilled from publicists’ calls and press releases than the stuff on the web or even the rest of the Post‘s Page Six, where now only the ghost of Cindy Adams remains to uphold the grand tradition of Walter Winchell and Ed Sullivan against the tides of raunch and snark. We wish Smith well, and add that she looks darn good for 86 years old, but then she was always outdoorsy (i.e., gay). Let pause silently a full minute before brewing up the next batch of mean nicknames and celebrity nudes.

Photo via Defamer.

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