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Paterson Polls Badly, Get Busted for Another Fat Raise


David Paterson’s going through a bad punching-bag phase. A new Siena poll shows the Governor viewed unfavorably by 47 percent of New Yorkers and favorably by only 40 percent — a stunning reversal from even last month, when Siena had him at 54 percent favorability and 30 percent unfavorability. Meanwhile the Post gleefully follows up on last week’s story about Paterson’s staff raises with a new one about the $25,000 raise his wife’s chief of staff received — “granted,” the Post again points out, “while Paterson was asking 130,000 public employees to give up 3 percent pay hikes because of the state’s fiscal crisis.” For extra populist piss-off material, you can read the chief of staff, Michele Clarke-Ceres, in the Bahia de Banderas News, talking about how she likes destination weddings because it gives her time off from her kids.


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