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Rape Game Stirs Outrage, Insane Rightwing Column


Over in Japan, they have this video game where you chase a woman and her two daughters and try to rape them. To make matters worse, it’s not called “Jackson County Jail” or “Abu Ghraib Fantasy” or anything like that but, rather coldly, “Rapelay.” Something Awful and others have known about this thing for some time, though for obvious reasons none of our gamer friends ever talk about it. Apparently Amazon was selling Rapelay, though, which led to outrage from Christine Quinn and others, and thence to removal from the Amazon queue. Quinn asked other distributors to stop selling the game as well.

You’d think conservatives would be pleased by this, as Quinn has helped blocked dissemination of the highly offensive game without passing another Nanny State law of the sort right-wingers oppose. However, at Town Hall Kenneth McCullough offers an essay called, “What Liberals share with ‘Rapelay,’” explaining that “Liberals are long known for light sentences for child molestors [sic], opposition to child rape and child porn laws,” and that “Defenders of [Rapelay] say it’s not real rape because it only occurs between computer animations. There are no genuine side effects. And it won’t impact reality. Sort of like what liberals sound like when it comes to our money.” We guess it’s true what the media watchdogs say — some people really can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. Screenshot via Something Awful.


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