Thieving KiD CuDi Strikes Again, Steals Rich Boy’s “Drop”


First, Kid CuDi rhymes over LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great” (Murphy’s bemused response here, although I don’t vouch for the authenticity); now he’s rhyming over Rich Boy’s Polow Da Don-produced “Drop.” With the caveat that rappers routinely rhyme over each other’s beats, there’s a reason that there are 50 versions of “Turn My Swag On” and only one of, say, “Ether.” If you’re Soulja Boy, your songs are pretty much up from grabs; if you’re Nas, you keep your beat, especially when you annihilate it. And if you’re Rich Boy, and you utterly pulverize a song that was cosmically meant for your expansive, emphatic brand of stately swagger, then guys like CuDi should leave well enough alone. Especially when your style can plausibly be described as having “potholes” in it. [OnSmash]

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