Voice Choices



Deitch simultaneously opens two shows tonight less than a block from each other, both with the intentions of making you a little crazy—for free, of course. Kessler’s Circus features work by mixed-media sculptor Jon Kessler and invites you into a modern-day war zone, complete with an army tent, mechanical sculptures, and barracks stacked with video monitors. Kessler puts you right in the middle of the attack, while video cameras survey your every move (hopefully, Deitch provides some sort of protective gear). And you’ll definitely need protective gear at Ryan McGinness Works., in which you enter a place much scarier than war—Ryan McGinness’s brain! The painter and sculptor meshes naturalistic and contemporary pop-culture references—sort of like Pollock with a splash of Warhol. The exhibition draws from dreams, hallucinations, song lyrics, and art history. Sounds a little scatterbrained, right? We can relate.

March 7-April 4, 2009

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