A-Rod Quiets Crowd with Homer, Hangs with Drug Buddy


This is so A-Rod: Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, who recently admitted to using steroids back in the “loosey-goosey” early ’00s without knowing what they were, endured boos and taunts at the team’s spring training opener in Dunedin, Florida — then hit a home run. The crowd turned in A-Rod’s favor, and the Yanks beat the Blue Jays 6-1. Then Rodriguez left the ballpark with his steroid-enabling “cousin” Yuri Sucart. “Just when you think Alex Rodriguez has figured out how to turn around this public relations’ nightmare,” sighs the New York Post‘s George A. King. If column inches were bases, we could name Rodriguez MVP right now.

The Mets also won their spring training opener against the Orioles, 9-3. Luis Castillo went 2-for-3 with 4 RBIs, then left the park with Nicky Barnes and the guy from The French Connection. Just kidding, but Seth Green did split a nail.



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