Fork in the Road Eats ‘Cue at Whiskey Sunday


The sub headline on my story this week is “A new barbecue spot in the land of rotis,” and that pretty much sums it up. Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is a paradise of West Indian and Caribbean food, and that’s where prolific Brooklyn restaurateur Jim Mamary has recently opened a non-traditional but tasty barbecue spot. It was called Billy Sunday’s, in a tongue-in-cheek ode to a famous prohibitionist, but apparently Billy was known for not only hating booze and being an evangelist, but also for being a rabid racist, soooo… that name was soon nixed in favor of Whiskey Sunday.

When I say Whiskey Sunday is non-traditional, I mean it’s the sort of spot that serves blueberry-chile barbecue sauce, and cherry-picks styles, from St. Louis ribs to brisket. Shockingly, that blueberry-chile sauce is really good–and believe me, I wasn’t so excited to try it. Generally, meats range from really good to mediocre, but I’d say it’s a worthy neighborhood spot on the whole. There’s a fantastic beer list, delicious, mammoth beef ribs, and a jokey rendition of banana pudding, complete with Reddi-Whip and Nilla Wafers, for dessert.

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Whiskey Sunday Bar-BQ
49 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn 718-282-7098


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