Touting itself as the largest and most global art fair, the SCOPE Art Fair truly is an immense to-do. And because New York is the mecca of the art world, SCOPE starts its art tour here, giving you first dibs on eclectic contemporary works before traveling to Basel, the Hamptons, London, and Miami later this year. The fair, boasting galleries from Tokyo, Munich, Madrid, London, and several from New York, also features a comprehensive repertoire of films and musical performances. Some of the curated cinema programs include “On the Contrary: Recent Artists’ Videos Concerning War in the Middle East” (today), “The Russians Are Here” (Friday), and “Monkey Town Presents” (Saturday), which includes George Kuchar’s truly bizarre Videographic Violations Sinema Show. And for those who like to shop, the Cheap Fast and Out of Control pop-up store offers books, music, and art at prices you can afford.

March 5-8, noon, 2009

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