Top Chef Finale Sipping Game


In case you had somehow forgotten, tonight is the Top Chef finale. It’s down to Carla, Stefan, and Hosea in New Orleans. A video preview of the show on the Bravo website makes it seems like the chef-testants will have to do something with alligator, and at judge’s table it seems like Tom tells Stefan he made the strongest dish of the night, while Hosea is criticized for freezing some fish for easier slicing. Of course, that’s just how it appears, and it could all be sneaky cutting on Bravo’s part to throw us off track. We’ll know the truth at 10:59 pm tonight. In the meantime, we’ve created a handy “sipping game” (a more sophisticated version of a drinking game for Top Chef viewers) to watch the finale with. The game is after the jump…


While watching the finale, have a sip of wine every time…

-Carla is shown doing something resembling a yoga pose
-Hosea hates on Stefan
-Stefan hates on Hosea
-Anyone says the word “Creole”
-Toby Young attempts to be witty
-Tom appears frustrated
-A cheftestant from earlier in the season appears
-A cheftestant from an earlier season appears
-Stefan says something arrogant
-Hosea utters a cliche
-Carla says something New Age-y
-Anyone refers back to the Hosea/Leah debacle
-Stefan seems to miss Fabio
-Anyone says the word “best”
-Padma wears something silly


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