Wednesday’s Headlines: Murdoch’s Apology Not Enough, Says Sharpton (Also: Index to This Week’s ‘Voice’)


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Your Wednesday New York headlines:

Sharpton not satisfied with Murdoch’s apology over chimp cartoon. Will continue to call for a boycott, and meeting with FCC officials about Murdoch’s waiver allowing him to own multiple papers and TV stations in one market.

Oh the Humanities! More white recession panic from the Times: your liberal arts degree won’t buy a cup of coffee, but profs squirm at the the thought of making the case for practical uses of a humanities degree.

More Times white panic over tough times:

  1. New Yorkers facing disastrous life on less than $500,000/year.
  2. How’s a guy supposed to feed himself on only $160,000?
  3. Couple making $55,000 is literally starving to death.
  4. Annie Leibovitz pawns her photos, other riches seeking cash for high-priced art to keep wolf from the door.

New NY archbishop such a helluva beer-drinkin’, backslappin’ guy, he’ll do a much better job talking young men into giving up women.

16-year-old to jury after convicting him for attempted murder in Memorial Day shooting spree: “I’m fucked. You can just suck my dick.” Yeah, he’s screwed: faces up to 40 years in prison.

Air traffic controller in radio contact with Sullenberger tells his own harrowing tale of Flight 1549’s ditch into the Hudson to Congress.

One building not enough: Bloomberg quietly buys neighboring building and knocks down walls, expands dining area — now has 12,500 square feet a few steps from Central Park.

In Albany, meanwhile, legislators closer to new law rejecting Bloomberg’s term-limits coup; would force a referendum in May before the mayor could run for a third term.

Even more Bloomberg: After declaring himself an independent, if Bloomie now wants to run as a Republican, the party is going to make him grovel.

Liz Smith’s column dropped by Post in print apocalypse. She’ll keep gossiping on-line.

More newspaper and magazine Armageddon:

  1. SF Chronicle on the brink.
  2. Conde Nast has huge ad declines (Portfolio down 60 percent).
  3. The Times now admits (well, sort of) that it got played by pranksters in the “Dating a Banker Anonymous” story.

Gun dealer to terrorists the world over, Monzer Al-Kassar, sentenced to 30 years in prison. See the earlier Voice story about his capture in Spain by New York officials after the U.S. had done little about Al-Kassar’s 30-year career in terror.

Local immigrants scrambling after ‘immigration lawyer’ turned out to be a fake.

How’d they miss this? Children’s Services closed case on older brother one day before his infant brother died of malnutrition: weighed 2 pounds after 7 weeks, born to “very low IQ” parents.

2 died in Chinatown fire caused by an extension cord.

Small town hood’ found with broken legs, bound, next to 9-story Brooklyn building. Tells cops he was thrown from the roof.

WTF? FDNY EMS lieutenant arrested for terrorizing his employees with a BB-gun.

Marbury buyout a done deal. He’s finally no longer a Knick.

A-Rod hearing it from fans at spring training.

The lineup for this week’s issue of the Village Voice:

Letters: Ducks are people, too

La Dolce Musto: Did Craig Bierko date Charlize, Meg or Gretchen?

Tom Robbins: Showdown for the BusFella’s Union

Feature: Guantanamo’s Final Days — The infamous prison camp ain’t dead yet

Calendar: The guide to your week

Feingold: The Story of My Life leaves out whatever might give it a story or a life

More Theater this week

Art: Shuster, subbing for Baker, gives the local rundown on things to see

Sietsema: Pink and Pendulous at Flex Mussels

DiGregorio: For the Gentry, Whiskey Sunday Bar-BQ

Hoberman: Examined Life According to Slavoj Žižek and Crew

Foundas: Wayne Kramer’s Tasteless Immigrant Drama Crossing Over

More films opening this week

Harvilla: The Roots Take Manhattan — the new kings of late-night, God (and Jimmy Fallon) willing

More music:

  1. The Shifting Republic of K’Naan
  2. The Excess and Eccentricity of Francis and the Lights

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