Why Won’t Tyler Perry Come Out?


Tyler Perry is the hugely successful creator and star of the Madea movies, not to mention a top TV producer and mega kazillionaire. Even more interestingly to me, his mannerisms and aura are such that a whole lotta people within a mile of his finery seem to say, “He’s a gay!” So, assuming the gaydar of millions is on target, why won’t the guy come out already?

Is he living on the down low? Is it because he feels his audience is largely homophobic? Well, if your message is love and peace and all that jazz, why would you want to pander to a bunch of haters? Doesn’t Perry realize what a difference he could make by simply uttering a quick statement and being forthright rather than acting vague all the time and bringing leggy females to premieres? He could enlighten throngs of people, most of whom, I’m sure, would keep on loving him every bit as much! I mean, it’s not like anyone that bright is going to go “Oh, so he’s a femme? I can’t support him now!” Come on, Tyler. Take off your dress for a second and call The Advocate.

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