Casey Speaks Out


Lest we feel too bad for poor Carla who seemingly lost it last night because sous chef Casey convinced her to cook sous vide and do a souffle, Casey defends her kitchen honor and she’s pissed, writing:

Carla was not prepared and in over her head. The show did not talk
about how the first course (crab) took her half of the friggin’ cooking
time that day, I was left to work the rest of HER dishes.

She also did not have a plan. The ONLY thing she had in mind was a
cheese course! I would NEVER do a cheese course. And where in the hell
did french come from!? She is not even classically trained! It (the
show) didn’t talk about how I worked on a sauce for 2 days and Carla
forgot to put it on the plate… It didn’t show how the 2nd course (fish)
was MINE. It didn’t show how she took the sous vide idea and decided to
GRILL it last minute causing it to be tough… And it didn’t show how she
WANTED to do the souffles which she does not even know how to make!
That was HER food, because it certainly was me asking her how she
wanted to do this and that while she was busy picking crab the entire
time and making a souffle that didn’t rise!

I am done with TC. I did not influence her. She has NO ideas of her own, oh, except a cheese course.


[SideDish via Eater]

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