‘Drunken Negro Face Cookies’ Don’t Pay


Well, if Ted Kefalnios of Lafayette French Pastry thought that his Obama-inspired ‘Drunken Negro Face Cookies’ were a good idea before, he surely has rethought things since we last wrote about him and the fallout from his racist cookies. Whether you think it’s an outrage or a tempest in a teapot, you may be interested to know that last Saturday, the New Black Panther Party for Self Defense picketed outside the bakery, holding signs that read “No to Racism” and shouting things like “Racist Lafayette!”

Also, the Secret Service have reportedly paid him a visit, as a result of the very charming things he said about President Obama.

In the end though, everyone ends up looking kind of bad.

Shaka Shakur, the leader of the Black Panther protest group, was quoted as saying: “As far as we’re concerned, it’s the same as a lynching. Kefalnios said,
‘Obama is going down the same path as Lincoln and he’ll get his’ —
that’s a threat.”

Um, no, it’s not the same as a lynching because…no one was murdered.

Meanwhile, there’s Kefalnios, in top form as usual, quoted as saying:  “Obviously, it’s a more liberal area, I gotta take my lumps. … It was a
happy cookie for a happy day,” he maintained, also calling it “art.”

If you really want to say that liberals are not racists and conservatives are racists, I might cede the point, but maybe you want to rethink that one.

[The Villager via Grub Street]

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