Janeane Garofalo’s Ex Salutes Her!


In my column this week, multimedia star Craig Bierko addresses his kinship with firebrand comic/actress Janeane Garofalo and just what that entails.

Bierko told me he feels Janeane’s “a great American, whatever the fuck that is.” Explained the actor, “When she went against O’Reilly, she was like, ‘I’m cutting the chord to show biz and I probably won’t work for a long time’. Scary shit happened. South Park did that puppet movie where they blew her head off and then she started getting real death threats. It was a scary time. And she hung in there. She didn’t spin things. She was brave. I tell her she’s a great American and she calls me a fruit, and it’s over. She punches me and three hours later, I wake up!”

Fortunately, he’s woken up on Broadway. Craig’s in Guys and Dolls!