Let’s Get Your Obligatory Hipster Runoff Update Out of the Way, Shall We?


Having chatted via IM with (bet-hedging ahead) someone claiming to be Carles, the enigmatic proprietor of memesphere giant Hipster Runoff, I suppose it behooves us to acknowledge this new Tao Lin Is Carles theory making the rounds, if only to express sadness about the ongoing, mundane, headache-inducing demystification phase of a social experiment that, like it or not, is giving/has given us something to think/talk/laugh/rant about. Personally, I wouldn’t bet more than $5 on the veracity of anything related to anything that’s been said, or that Carles has said, about any of this, and the fuckin’ deluge of scare quotes surrounding this mess is increasingly toxic — just make a couple out of papier-mâché and affix them to both sides of your computer screen.

Personally I hope Carles is not a known entity — a Tao Lin, a Patton Oswalt, a James Murphy, etc. — as that’d make this whole fiasco even more of a smug put-on than it already is. And if this all turns out to be guerrilla marketing for the next Michael Cera movie, I will bury him myself.