Popular CPAC Topics: Treason, Bombing Chicago, Obama’s Territory Grab


Let’s see what’s going on over at the Conservative Political Action Conference, aka CPAC, in D.C. today via the dispatches of citizen journalists and twitterers. Apparently Michigan GOP chair Saul Anuzis just spoke: “‘There are two types of people… Democrats and Americans…’ LMAO!” Also, Patrick Ruffini says, “The internet works just like the free market.” Does that mean it’s about to collapse? (“Did anyone read the Patrick Ruffini article about Joe The Plumber?” asks liveblogger Crystal Clear Conservative. “It’s a must read.” The article says, “We need to advance our ideas without ever once saying the word ‘conservative’ or ‘Republican’ in a speech.”)

Bill McIntyre is eager for the “media malpractice” session; “Gov Huckabee said shut down the IRS! Amen to that!” (“He’s looking pretty presidential these days!” says bstanton); former UN Ambassador John Bolton makes a joke about Iran bombing Chicago. And Representative Mike Pence says of the stimulus, “We lost that legislative battle, but we won the argument.” And isn’t that what democracy is all about? At the moment: “CPAC speaker – Obama is shrewdly using the financial crisis to take territory.” Whoever that cowboy is, we predict he’s the future of the Party. Photo (cc) gotashot.


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