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Report Shows What Actual Liberals Think of Obama’s Plan


People are talking about (and, from what the polls say, generally approving of) Obama’s Tuesday night speech. Conservatives think the President’s program is just a liberal wish list. But is it? A real liberal think tank, the Drum Major Institute, has gone through Obama’s program, from stimuli to bailouts to reforms, and noted where they agree with the President (“President Obama is right to connect investments in education to economic recovery, growth, and competitiveness”) and where they don’t (“It is, however, unfortunate that President Obama plays into the tired and discredited debate about who is a ‘responsible’ borrower and who is not”). They also cite existing bills and proposals that could get done what Obama says he wants to do.

The report is also a useful compilation of statistics about the recession — in case you want to look back from some future date on February, 2009, and remember how bad things were — and a good, quick reference for what the government is proposing will be the impact of the stimulus on it.



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