Unemployed People Are Funny!


Apparently, it isn’t enough for “media blogs” to take so much perverse pleasure watching the grinding, disheartening death of daily newspapers.

It’s turned our stomachs to see so many qualified, talented writers and editors across the country get the boot in the last couple of years, and it’s not really something we find worth celebrating, especially with more young folks than ever in J-schools trying, vainly, to find their own places in the shrinking news field.

But apparently, for the writers at Jossip, all those out-of-work scribes are simply a source for more amusement.

Someone at Jossip (we’re really not interested in finding out who) thought it would be a laugh-riot to put up a fake job posting for a media internship, listing the most obnoxious work conditions they could imagine, and then see who was desperate enough to apply for it!

Isn’t that fun? Hilarity at the expense of income-less journalists! What a great prank!

Oh, and did we mention that Jossip is for sale? And has been for nearly a year? Yeah, good luck with that.


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