What Was That Garden Rake Doing In The Video for Jadakiss’s “Can’t Stop Me Now”?


“Can’t Stop Me Now,” the second single off The Last Kiss, is growing on me. The song is a somewhat elegant response to the problem street-type rappers like Jadakiss face, which is that your more respectable media outlets won’t bump songs that are entirely about creative ways to kill people. So ‘Kiss commissions Neo Da Matrix to do a soul-sampling, horn-backed beat that sounds upbeat, expansive, and non-threatening–and then pretty much proceeds to come up with still more ways to creatively kill people. OK–not really. Or not over all of it, anyway. Mostly, Jada just talks big (as opposed to, say, getting his Def Poetry Jam on), and with his reliable, raspy-voiced cadence, that’s pretty much enough.

The video is a goofy series of outlandish competitions: Jadakiss racing a crew of 2 Fast 2 Furious extras through a narrow alley; Jadakiss taking on the local French pool hustler; Jadakiss wrestling an enormous fat man in a match that inexplicably also involves someone brandishing a garden rake, and so on. Needless to say, Kiss prevails. Call it versatility. [2DopeBoyz]

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