American Idol Semi-Finals Results 2: Goodbye Norman Gentle, Hello Adam Lambert!


Sharyn Jackson is your American Idol host for season eight. Oh noes, Norman Gentle didn’t make it?

Another results night begins with more recapping, more group singing (Ne-Yo’s “Closer”), more interviewing. Ryan starts with Nick: If you don’t make it, what’ll you do? “I’m looking for employment,” Nick says. Aren’t we all.

The Verdicts

Allison Iraheta, the 16-year-old who took on “Alone” last night, is called up, followed by Jesse Langseth. Psych! Ryan keeps bringing people out without giving anything away. Next is Matt Breitzke. Is this the first batch of losers? Ryan hints that one will make it through. Randy hopes it’s Allison, and he’s correct! Goodie! She sings “Alone” again, making this the 47th time this song has been performed on Idol.

After the break, Ryan asks Allison how she’s doing, and she almost curses. Then Megan Corkery and Kris Allen are brought center stage, followed by Matt Giraud and Jeanine Vailes. One of the four will go to the Top 12. Ryan sends Jeanine and Matt away. Kara rambles on with “advice” and Simon makes fun of her, but she snaps back: “I’m giving my advice, which is partially what I’m here to do.” Take the reins, Ryan, this is ridonculous! And Kris makes it through. Blahblah boring, whatever.

An Idol retrospective set to “Wonderful World” features Clay Aiken way back when, Simon and Paula making out, Ruben somebody, losers from auditions, Sanjaya and his crying fan, and Ryan with some really bad worse-than-usual highlights. Single tear.

Last season’s stop-and-starter Brooke White is here to promote herself. Her advice to the new contestants: “Don’t Google yourself.”

Mishavonna Henson, Kai Kalama, Jasmine Murray all get sent home. So the last spot in the Top 12 goes to either Nick or Adam! Or “one of these three: Nick, Norman, and Adam,” says Ryan. At this point, if Nick were to go any further, it would just be overkill. I choose Adam Lambert. Loooong commercials. And then Adam, who, dare I say, is actually gayer than Norman Gentle, moves on to the Top 12. He’ll probably be the first one kicked off–a la last year’s gay stripper–once Focus on the Family weighs in. But for now, let’s just enjoy the homosexual glory on my TV.

Next week: the other gay–Nathanial–and Blind Guy.

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