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Au Revoir Morgenthau: D.A. to Retire


Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau will not run for reelection this year, says the Times. That’s too bad. Morgenthau has served in the office since 1975. His skills were forged in an altogether livelier era of New York criminality, and seem not to have declined with age, as was shown in Tom Robbins’ recent story about a couple of massive scams the 89-year-old D.A. successful prosecuted, netting the city $175 million in fines and fees. And in the age of the neo-New Deal, it’s been cool to have a district attorney who actually knew Franklin Roosevelt.

Attention must now turn to Leslie Crocker Snyder, the zealous former assistant prosecutor, state supreme court justice, and Morgenthau opponent who is expected to contend again for the office. The police unions seem to like her, though she has recently reversed her support of the death penalty; she likes Bloomberg; though no fan of the Rockefeller drug laws, she worries that their reform may lead to exoneration of dangerous criminals; she has served as a Law & Order script consultant. New York magazine has profiled her approvingly.

Named by Liz Benjamin among other likely contenders are Cyrus Vance Jr., Richard Aborn, and Morgenthau’s Jack McCoy, Dan Castleman.



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