New York

Bedbug-Hunting Beagles Are Not Much Help


As we’ve noted previously, we are all condemned to be eaten alive by bedbugs. (Brooklyn, the Daily News today informs us, seems to suffer particularly, though the bedbug map shows an equivalent concentration in Manhattan.) A city task force has been authorized considered by the city council, but many of us have no time to wait for whatever effect it may have. So two enterprising citizens have trained their beagles to hunt bedbugs. They do not, as we were hoping, kill and eat them, which would be most convenient, but when sensing the presence of the pests “simply sit down,” leaving Michael F. Morin and Donald Frey to scour the joint, reports the New York Times. Of course, the presence of great honking welts will do just as well to alert you, though they are not nearly so cute.

Bedbugger knows some critters who will eat your bedbugs, but as these are centipedes, masked assassin bugs (which “have a nasty bite of their own”) and fire ants, we agree with them that natural predation “isn’t a good treatment plan.” Your best recourse remains enlightened pest control, which (despite the customary error of omission the Times repeats here) will not include DDT.


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