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Friday’s Headlines: Piven Won’t Be Punished for Fishy Story


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Your Friday New York headlines:

Fishy outcome: Actors’ union buys Jeremy Piven’s sob story, won’t penalize him for ditching play over ‘mercury poisoning.

U.S. to buy up to 40 percent stake in Citigroup, just keeping it private, in desperate move to keep it afloat.

New York a big winner in Obama’s massive spending plan.

Gillibrand aides warn event organizers: the senator’s a talker. “We’re going to give you a sign if she’s getting out of control.

Reactions to Bloomberg’s plans to close Broadway to cars in Times and Herald Square areas.

Citing budget cuts, state lottery cuts $1.4 million in college scholarships.

Trial for Saks super-saleswoman, now accused of $1.4 million in theft, facing 25 years in prison.

Lawyer files $500,000 lawsuit against building management and neighbor over yapping Chihuahua.

The horror — laid-off 55-year-old human resources coordinator with wealthy day trader husband takes unspeakably menial position while on job search, working for a week as a nanny!

More Times white panic over tough times:

  1. New Yorkers facing disastrous life on less than $500,000/year.
  2. How’s a guy supposed to feed himself on only $160,000?
  3. Couple making $55,000 is literally starving to death.
  4. Annie Leibovitz pawns her photos, other riches seeking cash for high-priced art to keep wolf from the door.
  5. Oh the Humanities! Your liberal arts degree won’t buy a cup of coffee, but profs squirm at the the thought of making the case for practical uses of a humanities degree.
  6. Developers face terrifying prospect of only getting $1.1 million for a 2-bedroom condo.

Seinfeld’s new NBC show: ‘reality’ show refereeing the fights of married couples.

Trial revelation: Gambino mobsters ran Queens condo board, bilked apartment owners for violations.

Bill Tatum, former publisher and editor of The Amsterdam News, dies at 76.

Vecsey: Bulk is out, thin is in — ballplayers coming back to spring training weighing less.

Yankees tell A-Rod his steroid-supplying cousin not welcome around team.

The lineup for this week’s issue of the Village Voice:

Letters: Ducks are people, too

La Dolce Musto: Did Craig Bierko date Charlize, Meg or Gretchen?

Tom Robbins: Showdown for the BusFella’s Union

Feature: Guantanamo’s Final Days — The infamous prison camp ain’t dead yet

Calendar: The guide to your week

Feingold: The Story of My Life leaves out whatever might give it a story or a life

More theater this week

Art: Shuster, subbing for Baker, gives the local rundown on things to see

Sietsema: Pink and Pendulous at Flex Mussels

DiGregorio: For the Gentry, Whiskey Sunday Bar-BQ

Hoberman: Examined Life According to Slavoj Žižek and Crew

Foundas: Wayne Kramer’s Tasteless Immigrant Drama Crossing Over

More films opening this week

Harvilla: The Roots Take Manhattan — the new kings of late-night, God (and Jimmy Fallon) willing

More music:

  1. The Shifting Republic of K’Naan,
  2. The Excess and Eccentricity of Francis and the Lights

¡Ask a Mexican!: Get with the lengua!

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