Jockbeat: How Ray Lewis Is Like Brett Favre


According to reliable blogger Adam Schefter, the Jets, after having signed former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott, are now “hosting a visit” for Baltimore’s free agent cornerback Corey Ivy. Can the signing of Ray Lewis be far behind?

It now appears that there’s no chance at all that Lewis will be playing for the Ravens this season, and the other team besides the Jets who he seemed to be slated for, the Dallas Cowboys, are insisting that they won’t be taking on any high profile free agents. It appears that leaves New York or retirement for Lewis.

The question for Jets fans is: if New York signs Scott, would it be a smart move to also acquire Lewis? We just don’t see that that’s the case. Putting aside salary cap implications, which are considerable, the Jets would be rapidly increasing the age of their roster if they add both the current Ravens free agents — Ivey, the 5-8 cornerback, will be 32 in March, and Scott, who hasn’t made the Pro Bowl since 2006, will be 29 when the season starts. In other words, both players will be well past their expected peak in September.

Where does that leave Lewis? According to the 2008 Football Prospectus, “Lewis is still playing well, though not at the Hall of Fame level of previous years.  His run-stop numbers sticks out like a sore thumb compared with the rest of the Raven’s linebackers.”  And that was a year ago — Lewis will be 34 in May.

The Jets were 18th in the NFL in points allowed last year and 16th in total yards allowed. This is not a team that’s just a couple of players away from the Super Bowl.  The jets needs to commit to young talent via the draft and stop acquiring expensive veterans on the down side of their careers.

Put it this way: Ray Lewis looks like the Brett Favre of defensive players.


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