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Quick Hits – 2/27/2009


We’re disappointed: Glamour left disposable cameras tethered to park benches in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all the users shot lame pictures like this. Well, except for two guys.

The New York Dolls will play at “Rachel Ray’s SXSW party” this year, all jacked up on Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. The Hold Steady, others will also appear.

Rush Limbaugh explained: Hostile men more prone to weight gain.

A veteran New York stage actor says forget the Actors’ Studio — “You gotta go out to L.A. and become a TV or movie star to have a career in the theatre.”

The one thing you do not want to catch is elephant herpes.

Peter Chernin leaving the right-hand seat of Rupert Murdoch is strange enough, but… to head Apple?

What does it take to interest the Times in the lousy life of a nanny? How about finding one that used to be a financial analyst at Chase?

And the unneeded medical headline of the week award goes to: “Spring Break Brings Binge Drinking Among College Students.”



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