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Real Estate Shakeout: Share a Room w/ “Wardrobe Locker” for $795


True, luxury real estate is so moribund in New York that developers are auctioning off condos to the highest bidder. But this New Depression is trickling down very slowly to our end of the market. The BedStuy Blog reveals landlords are still getting big bucks out their way — as seen at the swell Chocolate Factory loft over by the Myrtle-Willoughby G train stop, going for $2,200. (You do get a free month’s rent, though.) The $1,093 1BR at Hancock and Nostrand looks more affordable, but when you click through the link, it turns into a $2,200 brownstone. You can buy a place for as little as half a million dollars, though if they’re having trouble selling units on Sterling Place, we’re not sure what hope they have at Halsey and Nostrand.

Budget shoppers such as ourselves may be more interested in Greenpoint’s Luxe Guesthouse; you can share a room there for $795 a month ($735 with student ID) and it comes with an Ikea-elegant “wardrobe-size locker” (pictured). It looks as if they don’t use leases, so when the shit hits the fan you’re legally free to go huddle in a crackhouse with the rest of us. Photo via Luxe Guesthouse.


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