Slumdog To Be a Broadway Musical?


The Daily News has reported that the Oscar winning phenomenon Slumdog Millionaire is being turned into a musical and it might even be headed to Broadway. Before you vomit, please realize that they’re doing this to raise money for Mumbai kids–hopefully the same ones that didn’t get paid to be in the movie–and also that the end result could be a splashy, wildly entertaining extravaganza filled with all kinds of cultural possibilities.

I think they should obviously call it “Mumbai Bai Birdie” and its illustrious songs must include:

“The ‘Jumping in Shit’ ballet”

“Regis Has An Edge, But At Least He Doesn’t Torture You”

“Jai Ho, Jai Ho, It’s Home From Work We Go”

and of course, the immortal…

“Down on the Levy With My Mumbadevi”

Other ideas?

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