Week in Review: You Be Da Man! You Be Da Man!


This will seem strange, but the Oscars were not even a week ago. Not that they were all that memorable–at this point, we only retain a foggy recollection, something about a Beck song and James Franco recommending a certain book on the red carpet…

To be fair, a lot’s happened since. Tom Jones was drenched in underwear at Terminal 5. Odetta was memorialized. Jimmy Eat World did Clarity–again! Tokyo Police Club intimated they might be good boyfriends to all sorts of young lovely indie-rock ladies at Webster. Antony covered Beyoncé. Jason Isbell got his grown man on at Bowery Ballroom. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz leaked, but you knew about that already, didn’t you?

Our Republican nemesis Michael Steele continued his absolute and total disregard for the dun language, leading Ta-Nehisi Coates to form Distinguished Officials for Proper Ebonics–DOPE for short. Speaking of the dun language, Clipse and maybe even Obama himself are speaking it. Cam’ron and Jadakiss never stopped, of course. Fabolous, on the other hand, might have to, after getting caught with all that marijuana. Which, in our humble opinion, is still not as bad a crime as KiD CuDi’s “Drop” molestation.

Trail of Dead performed for us on Possibly 4th Street. Director Marcin Ramocki talked to us about his new Williamsburg documentary Brooklyn DIY. Dinosaur Jr. dropped a new song, and so did Phoenix. They gave K’Naan’s single away this week, too, and we still didn’t want it. Kermit got fired, the phenomenon of Hipster Runoff gained a few more scare-quotes, and we announced our free SXSW day party.

Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley has died: a terrible, untimely loss.

Plus: American Idol, The Real World, The City, and our regulars, Pulp Fictions (on Jonathan Lethem’s Omega: The Unkown) and Bones’ Beat (on the ADAA show). We’ll see you Monday.

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