New York

City Officials Still Park Illegally. Our Solution: Jimmy Justice!


Browstoner and the Daily News notice “parking abuse” by civic officials in downtown Brooklyn. Expired meters, crosswalks, hydrants, bike lanes — these mean nothing to the police, fire, and judicial employees who use their placards to park any damn place near Borough Hall, despite a mayoral crackdown.

Our suggestion: why not unleash videographer and longtime foe of official parking abuse Jimmy Justice on them? He may not clear up the parking problem but we’ll all benefit from the entertainment. Here’s Jimmy tailing a guy who has illegally parked a car bearing a Department of Homeless Services placard; he observes the perp shopping at Victoria’s Secret, then follows him to H&H Bagels, where the official parks in a loading zone. Jimmy doesn’t get a clear read on the car’s plates, but maybe the city can buy him better equipment, and do the same for a flying squad of Jimmy Justice deputies. If we’re going to have a nanny state, let’s make it fun.


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