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Don’t Date Someone Cute and Available!


Single and attractive people would seem to be the most obvious targets for everyone’s dating delectation, but in reality, they are the WORST types you could ever hope to go out with. Anyone who’s good looking but unattached generally has something deeply wrong with them and that’s WHY they’re unattached. If they were marriageable in the slightest, believe me, they’d already be hitched.

My recent post about the cute control freak I ran from is a four-star example of this. He doesn’t have a boyfriend mainly because he’s insufferable! I’m lucky I was wise enough to avoid becoming his latest victim.

So who should one approach for rational romance? Only total trolls who are already in a relationship? No, dears. Go for cuties who are widowed. They are pleasant to the eye and are single through no fault of their own. But first make sure their lover didn’t commit suicide!

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