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Fat Duck To Hopefully Reopen Wednesday | Village Voice


Fat Duck To Hopefully Reopen Wednesday


The Fat Duck, Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin star restaurant in England, closed last Tuesday after dozens of customers reported feeling ill following their meal there. Now, nearly a week later, the cause of the food poisoning scare remains unknown.

In 2005, the restaurant was named “the best place to eat on earth” by Restaurant magazine, and some consider it second only to El Bulli in Spain. Tests conducted by both environmental health officers and private food safety consultants have thus far come back negative, and Blumenthal says “we might not find anything.”

In a video chat with the Guardian, he repeatedly mentions that it could be due to a “non-specific virus…something that was a virus that got spread around and is gone.” Hopefully that’s the case, and it would certainly be convenient if it could all be blamed on something mysterious that just went away. While they’re still awaiting more test results, Blumenthal tells the Guardian that they are planning to reopen the restaurant Wednesday.


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