Good Stuff: Abistro’s French Fries


While others obsess over the best burgers and pizzas, I’m forever looking for a superior french fry, perhaps because of my naughty love for drunken nibbling. My current favorites are the herb fries at Abistro (154 Carlton Avenue, Brooklyn) shown above, next to a salad (so let it be known that some of the greenery is salad greens, not herbs). While “herb fries” often translates to a delicate toss of finely chopped flat-leaf parsley, these take herb to another level. There are full sprigs of cilantro that are fried to a gentle crisp along with the taters, doubling the fried pleasure. Then there’s a sprinkling of a few chile pepper flakes, the right amount of salt from the get-go, and some other good stuff we’ll have to eat more of to decipher. They’re so good, they don’t really require a condiment, and this is coming from a professed condiment lover.


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