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Monday’s Headlines: Mob rat fingers two cops in gang slaying



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Your Monday New York headlines:

Gotti mob rat Alite fingers a Suffolk County cop, NYPD detective in gang murder.

Carrión goes to Washington after a mixed record in the Bronx.

Weiner directs fed funds to a Brooklyn nonprofit that’s given him $160,000 in campaign funds.

Reverend Billy will run for mayor on the Green Party ticket.

Bloomberg opening 42 new schools in the fall, bringing his total to 333 new schools.

State schools like SUNY New Paltz suddenly look attractive in the new economy; state schools bracing for huge enrollment boosts.

Riches dumping the Rolls Royce not because they can’t afford it, but because the Rolls is “so August,” (pre-Wall Street crash).

More Times white panic in tough times:

  1. New Yorkers facing disastrous life on less than $500,000/year.
  2. How’s a guy supposed to feed himself on only $160,000?
  3. Couple making $55,000 is literally starving to death.
  4. Annie Leibovitz pawns her photos, other riches seeking cash for high-priced art to keep wolf from the door.
  5. Oh the Humanities! Profs squirm at the the thought of making the case for practical uses of liberal arts degree.
  6. Developers face terrifying prospect of only getting $1.1 million for a 2-bedroom condo.
  7. Laid-off 55-year-old human resources coordinator with wealthy day trader husband takes unspeakably menial position while on job search, working for a week as a nanny.
  8. Someone get the smelling salts! — women at Barney’s now buying $300 face creams only three at a time instead of six.
  9. Ultimate white nightmare: from $70K manager to $12/hour janitor — “survival jobs” in the new economy.

Shoe, appliance repairmen seeing business skyrocket as people turn thrifty.

Two police officers being investigated after allegations that when they escorted an intoxicated East Village woman home, one of the cops raped her.

Times gives anticipated ‘Guys and Dolls’ revival a bum rap.

Don’t call it ‘insane’: Brooklyn businessman buys ‘Crazy Eddie’ name, plans to open stores.

Jeter goes to World Baseball Classic, Yanks hope he doesn’t get hurt.

Santana feeling ‘fine,’ cancels trip to NY for MRI.

It was a February to forget for the Knicks.

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