New York

Times: Recession “May Be Good For Cockroaches and Mice”


As if the poverty part weren’t bad enough, the Times tells us the recession “may be good for cockroaches and mice.” While the local exterminators they spoke to get plenty of work from restaurants — which can hardly scrimp in that department if they want to stat open — residential business is “lackluster.” That’s not too bad for the exterminators; one source says the jump in bedbug-killing work is making up for shortfalls. But they say some clients are “being penny wise and pound foolish” by skipping normal pest control treatments to save money. Terrific. Now, when the shit really hits, we’ll have to defend our homeless encampment from rats as well as cops. With Bloomberg predicting floods, our troubles are starting to look Biblical. Oh well, at least we won’t have to worry about the goddamn yuppies. Photo (cc) faeryboots.


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