Another Free iTunes Single of the Week: Carolina Liar’s “Show Me What I’m Looking For”


Max Martin C-team band Carolina Liar got some valuable 90210 airtime a few weeks ago:

Strains of popular hit single “Show Me What I’m Looking For.” Dash Snow is singing lead. His scarf provides camouflage. Set-up is revealed: it’s a garden party.

Michael from The Wire, nodding enthusiastically: “Yo, how’d you get Carolina Liar to play?!”

David Simon: Frantically pitches new TV show.

Chad Wolfe, one-time Celine Dion back-up dancer and LA coffee-shop habitué, is the ingénue here. “Most days you can find me enjoying a great pair of slacks,” he writes in his official bio, “or engaging in a stimulating conversation about the movements of tectonic plates or the nuances of the Mayan calender.”

I’d keep typing words but I just can’t.

Next week’s prediction: Still can’t believe this is what broke my streak of not seeing the new 90210.

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