JoeDoe Delivering Conflicted Jews


Newish East Village restaurant JoeDoe (45 East 1st Street) is now offering delivery (how convenient that Mother Nature provided such heavy snowfall for the occasion). The limited delivery menu is available from 5pm to 11pm nightly. It features five preciously named sandwiches, like the Conflicted Jew with liver, bacon, and onion, a few sides and desserts. The full menu is after the jump.

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JoeDoe to Go!
delivery menu available from 5pm-11pm nightly


Philly Cheese Tongue     $10
  ….peppers, onions, cheese sauce                                            

The Little Benny     $10
  ….meatball parm, hot peppers, mozzarella

The Conflicted Jew     $10
  ….our classic liver, bacon, onion sandwich
The Ultimate Breakfast     $10
  ….pork jowl, runny eggs, salsa verde, queso blanco                                        

You Wish You Were Vegetarian     $10
  ….jicama slaw, spicy yogurt, lentil falafels

Sides $4

Cornbread            Potato Salad        Coleslaw        Mac & Cheese (dinner portion $10)  

Desserts $3

Jill’s Cookie        Banana Bread Slice   

45 E. 1st Street, New York 10003



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