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Poop Toy Fraud Provokes Outrage, Soul-Searching


Behold the internet’s latest idiot detector: Poopy-Time Fun Shapes, an alleged toilet-training toy. Commenters at several time-waster sites divide between those who see the con (“will probably mitigate the pyschological damage of sleepovers at Uncle Roger’s”) and those who do not (“OMG! It is bad enough dealing with normal poo!”), but Christians always make these things funnier: “New Device Encourages Parents to Rape Their Children’s Bum Area,” cries Christwire. “What they are really doing,” says the author, “is trying to make kids grow up with liking things inserted into their rear, so that when mister gay homo molester comes along and wants to stick his serpent member into them, it will seem ok and normal to them.” Hee hee — wait a minute: is Christwire itself an idiot detector? “It has to be,” says our favorite source, Yahoo Answers. “Nobody on the internet is that retarded.” If so, they’re playing a very deep game. Maybe the take-away is that we’re all idiots — and that, readers, is our Thought for the Day.


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