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Rocky Mountain News Staff Puts Out Own Online Paper | Village Voice


Rocky Mountain News Staff Puts Out Own Online Paper


The online edition of recently-demised Rocky Mountain News — once the oldest newspaper, or business, in the state of Colorado and the largest-circulation newspaper to fold so far in our New Depression — enjoyed a huge surge in traffic in the paper’s last days. Maybe that’s what convinced laid-off staffers to start up I Want My Rocky, a sort of RMN in exile (the name itself may be inspired by a song of that name written by a fan in the paper’s last days). Culchavox says it’s mostly “written from the wounded and justifiably bitter perspective that’s only normal a few days after your job is shot out from under you.” We can see that: “The Rocky is gone, but the Rockies aren’t,” headlines a sports story, and an article about outrageous Def Leppard concert ticket prices says, “The part of the memo they didn’t get… is the part about ‘Hey, you clowns, the economy really is in the tank!'” as, sigh, they would know.



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