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The Atlantic Intellectualizes the Cupcake | Village Voice


The Atlantic Intellectualizes the Cupcake


In the same timely (sarcasm) manner that it examined the yoga trend in late 2006, the Atlantic tackles the cupcake craze this month. Of course, maybe it’s only because I’m writing and reading from New York as someone who once lived all too near Magnolia Bakery/the Sex and the City tour bus stop that Corby Kummer’s cupcake piece seems a bit late to the (birthday) party. He does acknowledge that the tasty trend is at once out of fashion and ongoing, writing:

Cloyingly cute cupcake shops may seem passé in New York, but they continue to thrive there, and new
ones seem to open across the land by the month. Silly and disappointing
as most of these shops are, the craze is worth keeping–if only, like
the audiences at La Scala, to keep applauding till the performers do

He also earns points, at least with me, for declaring Magnolia’s treats being all frosting and disappointing cake.

Possible datedness aside, it’s amusing to have the cupcake being examined about with such gravitas. In the video that complements the piece, Kummer is asked “Are cupcakes actually filling some important role in society?” Deep thoughts. You’ll have to watch the video above for the answer.

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