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Tuesday’s Headlines: Ruth Madoff fighting Bernie’s victims for ‘her’ $62 million



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Your Tuesday New York headlines:

Ruth Madoff fights her husband’s victims to keep their hands off $62 million she stashed away.

Ex-Islanders owners accused of mini-Madoff scheme, stealing $554 million, whine to judge they’ll starve if assets are frozen.

Rapacious building owners now suddenly screwed, renters in foreclosed large apartment complexes may actually benefit from Wall Street greed.

Victoria “Growing Up” Gotti takes lie-detector test she says proves she didn’t sleep with mob rat John Alite.

If an MTA rescue is hammered out by the state Legislature, much credit should go to 75-year-old Richard Ravitch, the Times says.

Another Irish NY archbishop: the Times wonders, when is it going to be a Latino’s turn? (Our Wayne Barrett pondered the same thing last week.)

Two new Bloomberg high schools in the Bronx added to the state’s failing schools list even after getting ‘B’ and ‘C’ grades from the city.

Bloomberg hears it from moms unhappy with his last-minute decision to close schools for yesterday’s snow day.

Film industry insists it needs incentives to keep filming in NY city.

Special election to be held in April for vacant Bronx borough president seat.

NYPD divers save suicidal man from icy Hudson.

City took cop’s badge because he was a psycho who saw demons in the station house — now the ex-cop suing because NYPD violated his religious rights!

Pedro Martinez wants to pitch again, but not if it means a Glavine-like rock-bottom one-year contract.

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