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Upstate Election Draws Big PAC Money, Giuliani


The race for Kirsten Gillbrand’s vacated congressional seat is attracting the interest of national conservatives hoping to winnow the Democratic lead in the House.

The Our Country Deserves Better PAC promises a large cash infusion to GOP candidate Jim Tedisco’s campaign. This committee, which ran ads during the late campaign criticizing presidential candidate Barack Obama for not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance, expects to devote “hundreds of thousands” of dollars to Tedisco’s cause by the March 31 special election.

At National Review, David Freddoso thumbnails the race for his rightwing readers, claiming Democratic contender Scott Murphy “comes from a far more liberal background than Gillibrand”; though Murphy has tried to portray himself as a conservative “Blue Dog” Democrat and trumpets his “private sector experience and willingness to look beyond ideology”, Freddoso says that “while studying at Harvard, [Murphy] penned and signed his name (with two others) to an editorial calling for the removal of ROTC from campus.”

Actual voters in the upstate 20th CD may be more interested in endorsements from familiar forces and faces. Murphy recently got the AFL-CIO’s, while Rudolph Giuliani came up to district to campaign for Tedisco. Last year Giuliani stumped for Sandy Treadwell in his doomed race against Gillibrand. That contest burned through over $9 million in campaign expenditures from both candidates; this one figures to be cheaper but still pretty pricey for a special election.


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