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Voice Blogs: Madoff-mania and More


Bernie Madoff’s making a lot of news today. Prior to generously relinquishing the rights to his crooked business (and related artwork and entertainment tickets!), Madoff made an impassioned plea for his wife’s $70 million in assets — including the townhouse they both live in. The Smart Asset has this and many other tales of the New Depression.

At Sound of the City, rapper-robbing, the Free iTunes Single of the Week, and a Rob Harvilla review of The Roots debut on the Jimmy Fallon show.

At La Daily Musto, What’s The Best Madonna Song Of All Time?, Classic Movie Plots That Should Have Been Different, and Why I Won’t Write About Reality TV Stars. All written by Michael Musto!

At Fork in the Road, the buffet includes scrapple, Wallace & Grommit bread, Obama bread, and healthy kinda-fast-food places.

And if you missed this morning’s headlines, they appear (as they do every morning) at Press Clips.


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