What’s The Best Madonna Song Of All Time?


Now that she’s reached 90–I mean 50–the amazing Madonna can look back at a sumptuous career of finely crafted pop songs, and insanely enough, she’s only at the halfway mark! So what’s Madge’s most towering musical achievement so far? In other words, what’s her most beautifully realized, gorgeously performed downloadable ditty? You can factor in the accompanying video if you want, but let’s mainly stick to the music only because I’m making the rules here and that’s what I’m feeling, ingrates!

So kindly pick from diverse and delectable choices like: The elaborately sacrilegious “Like a Prayer,” the tinnily appealing “Borderline,” the swirlingly disco-fied “Hung Up,” the heartfelt bomb “Oh Father,” and too many others to mention (like the Britney duet, which I refuse to mention). So which is the best? Express yourself!

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