Why I Won’t Write About Reality TV Stars


(1) I don’t watch the shows.

(2) By time you write about them, there’s already a new season and a whole new crop of winners and losers being foisted at the public.

(3) The fame of these people is strictly based on their ability to play-act all kinds of scripted dramas, with an endless willingness to humiliate themselves and others.


(4) They’re only on TV in the first place because the networks will do anything to put on programming where they don’t have to pay what real stars earn. These people are basically scabs!

But if they actually end up doing something–like appearing on Broadway or making an actual movie–I will definitely melt and talk to them. At length! I love anyone who becomes famous for the sake of being famous, then proves there’s something substantive behind that. So come on, Heidi and Spencer–do Chekhov.

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