Cop’s Partner Turns, Says He Raped East Village Woman


The New York Post says the one of the cops who took an East Village woman back to her apartment while she was stumbling drunk last December, then made a couple of suspicious return visits, has told investigators that his partner raped her. This contradicts Officer Franklin Mata’s earlier claim that Officer Kenneth Moreno (pictured), a married 17-year NYPD veteran, had consensual sex with the woman, despite the extreme intoxication she exhibited in surveillance footage. The cops apparently covered for one of their return visits by making it at the tail end of an unrelated run, then falsifying the time they finished with it; when authorities asked Mata for his memo book to check times, he said he had lost it.

“I understand,” says commenter princecity at cop board Thee Rant. “Whole countries have gone to war for that little patch of fur. One little cvnt hair could pull a tug boat. But I’d love to see what this guy might have thrown away his career, family and freedom for.” Photo via PBA magazine.


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