I Had a Facial Dot On Keith Olbermann Last Night!


I was so adorable on Countdown With Keith Olbermann last night, talking about the absurdity of The Bachelor and how it shatters the supposed sanctity of straight marriage.

I urged Jason and his chosen bride Molly to stop asking for special rights, since the marriage of two scripted dingbats is not in my bible! “What next?” I queried. “People marrying their pets?”

There was only one little problem with my performance–there was big, gigunda black dot popping out of my mouth in 3D! Let me explain! It happened when, after I came out of makeup, I was making notes and playing around with my Sharpie in that messy way I have. Once I got on camera, no one said anything about the dot because they probably thought, “He’s obviously got some kind of flareup. Just don’t show too many closeups.” Once I got home, the thing wiped right off–and you must believe me about that! But don’t believe a single thing that happens on The Bachelor!